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Katia Absandze: Never Stop Seeking Novelties, Never Stop Examining!

Katia Absandze, head of Lopota lake resort & spa PR and Marketing Office, in her interview with Caucasus Business Week shares her experience in public relations field and talks about her career path.

Never Stop Seeking Novelties! Never Stop Examining!

-Who is your profession?

– I am a marketing specialist by profession.

– Your first job place.

– I can definitely say that I found my first and serious job at McDonald’s.

– Current job and position.

-Currently I have been working for Lopota lake resort & spa, a Place where Time Stops. It is much pleasure to work for a PR and Marketing office.

– Your first success.

-The first success came when I moved to the Baltic Region for living. I managed to get established there after heavy and significant efforts in the school, where Russian and especially Georgian friends were hardly accepted.

– Field where you would work in never.

– I have not thought about this. It is possible to find ways for implementing your aspirations in any field, but I would not work at an office nor oriented on development.

– What makes a person successful in your field? Besides knowledge, what special personal features are required?

– Never Stop Seeking Novelties! Never Stop Examining! We are able to learn something new every time. Share your opinions to other people, even outside of your company. You will learn many things from your clients, competitors and partners. Show initiatives; Set new big goals every time. Among various ideas choose that one that should be implemented quickly with conviction. Besides these ideas and factors, get ready for new success; Sometimes it is very difficult to take first steps, but take a risk! Be brave to follow your heart and intuition.

– Is it possible today in Georgia to study PR very well or international knowledge and experience are necessary?

– Today PR sector in Georgia remains in a developing phase and it needs further progress, but PR art may be learned valuably in Georgia too thanks to continuous self-development.

– Is PR perceived and understood in Georgia in its classical nature?

– Over the past period the process of shaping PR departments as structure units has started at private companies and state sector. Moreover, domestic and international donor organizations pay special regard to PR issues at workshops and conferences, but this attention is of instable and occasional character. «Nowadays Public relations are a a key component of any operation» – Elvin Adams.

– How easily can you settle crisis situations and take decisions? Do you think crisis situations worsen working process quality?

– We should be more or less ready for critical and crisis situations in ordinary life. In similar situations I always try to be maximally mobilized. I take all efforts to settle similar situations.

– Interesting episode that has changed your life.

– I would like to stress that when I started working for one of the leading global brands, namely, McDonald’s, this was huge success for me, because this is huge experience… brand standards are given in details and you automatically obey these standards and you make advancements very quickly.  This was the first international brand. Intercontinental was the next, where I got huge experience. Working for international companies is very interesting, as well as the process of establishing all due standards in Georgian reality. Naturally, this process needs serious efforts, but the process and results are very interesting.

– If not this profession, which field would you take efforts in?

– I was a 10 years old girl, when I went abroad. I chose this profession upon school graduation. I cannot imagine myself in any other field. However, a person should be successful in any field, be hardworking. Otherwise, it is difficult to attain success.

Do your favorite business, listen and follow your inner voice, find positive moments even in failure. Do not try to be right, try to be successful and work a lot. Everything is attainable thanks to hardworking – I love my field, the place where I work and my occupation.

– What about your strong personal features.

– I always look ahead. Confidence in my own potential, optimism, unstoppable aspiration for development and perfection are very important. In general, striving for success determines activities of a successful person.

– How your employer company benefit you? What makes it interesting for you?

– I love the place, where I work. This is not a banal answer. This is true. This is the place, where peace reigns and at the same time, there are a lot of affairs. Lopota lake resort & spa follows continuous development concept. It never stops and it is always developed, it always grows. Consequently, we (the team of Lopota lake resort & spat) participate in the company development and this factor stimulates us to attain more and better results.

– What makes major discomfort in working process?

– Regretful reality arises, when a partner company violates deadlines!

– Where do you see yourself after 20 years?

– In my own business – this may sound in banal way, but this is reality and this is my goal.

The road to the top is  full of zigzags. Striving for  goals at high paces is quite attractive, but unexpected obstacles also arise on this road and these obstacles complicate any business.

«The road to success is never a straight line», Rich Christiansen writes in his book  “Zig-Zag Principle”.

Moving with zig-zags makes up flexible and  grows our potential to use as more opportunities as possible. Therefore, I have chosen this road.