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“Kakhetian Traditional Winemaking” Prefer Chinese Market to European

“The Chinese market is potentially more interesting for us than the European,” – Director of “Kakhetian  traditional winemaking” Zurab Chkhaidze told “Commersant”.

According to him, the company has been exporting its products to the Chinese market for four years and sales are growing  by about 30% every  year.  At this stage “Kakhetian traditional winemaking” exports  to China about 200-300 thousand bottles of wine.Chkhaidze suggests that this number will increase in the near future.

As for the European market, Zurab Chkhaidze notes that  the company has already produced a small amount of exports to several European countries, including Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Austria and Germany.

The work on expansion is going on and Chkhaidze suggests  that the company will become more active in the European market next year.

“We’ve always stated that there is a traditional wine production in  Europe, and Georgian companies need some time to occupy their place in the European market . Therefore, we do not expect such  rapid and significant results, ” – Zurab Chkhaidze adds.