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Kakha Okriashvili: Current Developments Cannot Destabilize Country

Kakha Okriashvili: Current Developments Cannot Destabilize Country

In recent days the political situation in Georgia has gone gloomy after a leak of hidden camera footages and the trial on Rustavi 2 ownership case. The Commersant has inquired businessmen’s positions and attitudes toward the ongoing processes.

PSP pharmaceutical company founder Kakha Okriashvili says the current developments will not bring turmoil in the country. “Neither unrests nor any negative effect on the business is expected. Why should we expect similar scenario? The TV company founders cannot divide stakes and this not a ground for unrests.  Rustavi 2 TV company has changed 20 owners and nobody really knows who is a genuine owner. We should not shake our country because of this!” – Okriashvili noted.

Georgia is a small country and similar events affect the business sector, Givi Korinteli, a head of the First Credit Union, noted and added it is difficult to talk from the position of a businessman, because we live in the same society and it is difficult to separate the position of a businessman from the position of a citizen.

Similar developments always fuel certain unrests and little shakes, Korinteli said and added that is it difficult to foresee whether the business sector should have negative expectations. Everything depends on further developments, Korinteli pointed out.

“If we see specific protest rallies, including picketing rallies, a use of excessive state force, which is less expected in this situation, then all these developments will create a different reality and these processes will influence the business and social activity”, Korinteli noted.

The diplomatic corp. performs a huge role in similar situations, he said. If they assess spread alarming signals around the situation, investors will immediately react to these signals and investment inflows may decline. At the same time, distinct cases cannot thwart inflation inflows, he noted.

Will the current developments affect the consumer moods? If the process acquire the global character, they may affect tourism business, real estate business and so on. Sales in essentials will not be affected, Korinteli said.

The developments around Rustavi 2 TV company causes a sense of insecurity, he added.

“This is a negative practice that generates a feeling of insecurity in both the society and the business sector. Naturally,  the business should be transparent in all countries, but there are certain moments, that nobody wishes to divulge. I mean trade secrets and so on. A sense of insecurity reigns in the country. The developments of 5-10 years ago may be repeated again. I think this is the mistake of our society. We express less protest in this respect. We remember serious campaigns, for example, “They Still Listen to Us” and so on, but the people were showing less solidarity as everybody thought nothing would happen in their lives to be afraid of. Everybody starts thinking and caring when something specific happens in our lives and this is an incorrect practice. And then it is later to realize we were to express our protests”, Korinteli said.