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Kakha Maghradze: PR Campaigns in Georgia Lack for Comprehensive Conceptual Purpose

Kakha Maghradze: PR Campaigns in Georgia Lack for Comprehensive Conceptual Purpose

Kakha Maghradze has worked as a consultant and project manager for GEPRA since 2004, while starting 2007 he has been working as a senior consultant and clients relations manager.

Besides working with clients and managing their PR projects, Kakha Maghradze has acquired worthy experience in event management, management of social programs, branding and strategic planning of communication.

Since 2005 Kakha Maghradze has conducted many trainings and workshops in public relations, contemporary approaches of communication and strategic planning of PR for public officials, business sector representatives and members of nongovernmental organizations.

Moreover, as a lecturer, since 2007 Kakha Maghradze leads the event management course at Tbilisi PR School, as well as public relations course since 2009.

Kakha Maghradze is author of a guidebook for public officials – “Strategic Planning for Relation with Successful Society”.

Interview with Kakha Maghradze, senior consultant and clients relations manager for GEPRA consulting company.

-What are you by profession?

-I am am international relations specialist by profession, however, I have never worked in this field. For many years I have worked in the public relations field and therefore, I associate myself with this profession.

-What about the first job?

– I used to work as a  secondary school teacher and used to teach history and law. At the same time, I was working as a distributor. Since June 2004 I started working as a consultant and projects manager for GEPRA and continued as a senior consultant and clients relations manager in 2007. My experience before GEPRA includes working for various nongovernmental organizations as a trainer-consultant, trade agent for distribution companies and a screenwriter at TV companies.

-Your first success

-I would not apply the word of SUCCESS, but the first major project was an inauguration of TBC Bank head office and promotion of its communication. There were also projects for developing communication strategies for the Ministry of Justice and the Ministry of Refugees and Accommodation, as well as PR and communication campaigns for Natakhtari, Unicard, Borjomi and more than 30 other Georgian and international organizations.

-Project and activity in which you take pride till today.

– In May 2015 I set up a social responsibility club.

-The field where you would never work.

-I have not thought about this issue.

-What are necessary factors to achieve success in your profession?

-This field does not have special characteristics. Like all other fields, purposefulness and hardworking create preconditions for success. You should work on yourself with focus on development Sooner or later, success will come.

-How easily do you manage to resolve crisis situations, take decisions? Do similar cases affect quality of other affairs?

-Naturally, similar situation make corresponding influence. The more time passes and the more experience you gain, you become calmer and meet problematic issues with more balanced positions. All these factors enable you to cope with all challenges better.

-Interesting episode from your life that changed your life and made you in-demand figure in your field.

-I cannot remember something special. All specific success is reflected on your effectiveness, number of clients and so on.

-Without this profession,  who would you be, where would you act?

-Maybe I would work in media field. I have not thought about this. Maybe I would work in the education sector too.

-What is your strong and weak sides and characteristics, as a man of affairs?

-Laziness is the weak side. I fail to use my potential fully.

-What benefits do you receive from the company, where you work? What makes it interesting for you?

-PR Management and PR Consulting, in general, are popular fields. Today these directions are considered to be the most interesting and important fields. This signifies these fields provide creative and good, interesting, profitable job places. This direction was not so popular when I started working in this field. I turned out in this sector by chance. They were seeking a specific person for a specific project. I was recommended to them and after interview I was selected for a specific project. I had no experience and no background in that period.

-What factor creates major discomfort in your work?

– Nothing.

-Is PR perceived and taken in its classic essence in Georgia?

-Public relations principles are the same, but in Georgia these principles work in comparatively different way. In Georgia PR campaigns and philosophy lack for comprehensive conceptual purpose. Accent is made on volume and frequency of media coverage, because evaluation mechanisms are limited. In our country relations with media is different. Facebook is managed by different principles and so on.

_Where do you see yourself after 20 years?

-in Academic field, the education sector.