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June 13 Flood Caused Damage to Several Companies

Disaster-affected Georgian-American High  School asks the government to allocate the  alternative space.

Deputy Director of the “School of the Future” Nutsa Koreli says  the school building and yard has been seriously affected  by the disaster. The school infrastructure is totally destroyed. “School of the Future” has functioned in river Vere gorge, on Ramishvili Street for 10 years. The school, which has 250 pupils, asks the partners to help with  the school facilities and the government to allocate space.

Tamar Sanikidze, Education and Science Minster, visited  the school and pledged to assist in  finding  an alternative building. Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University-based  Georgian-American “School of the Future” was founded in 1992 . Apart from the private school, seriously damaged the distribution company “Eliz Group”. The company’s Director Temur Nadirashvili notes that  out of 5 warehouses, 3 are completely flooded and  only one warehouse remained unharmed.

The disaster also caused damage to  “Vake Meat Company”, “Swatch” and “Art Time”, an  entertainment center “Happy Lounge” and a restaurant “Matryoshka.