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Irakli Kashibadze Founded Consultation Company, Future Laboratory

A former head of Innovations and Technologies Agency, Irakli Kashibadze moved to private sector. Consultation Company Future Laboratory, which has been founded by Kashibadze is focused to transform business with the means of innovations.  The founder talks about his own business with Business contract.

What is Future Laboratory about, for whom is it and what kind of service does it offer?

There are many interesting processes going on in the world. A lot of rapid changes occur, new technologies are introduced.  For example, Uber application conquers the whole world and unfortunately none of the local companies can compete with it. Finance sector develop at a fast pace. Online loans have occupied a big space on the market. This application is called a destroyer which makes big companies disappear from the market. If Georgian companies want to be ready, they should start thinking about transformation.

Should companies have their own plan to use your service, what kind of service does your laboratory offer to its customers?

There is a demand not only from Georgia, but from abroad as well. We are going to start working in Moldova actively. It will be estimated how fast government sector reforms have been implemented with innovations. International experts noted that many interesting projects have been implemented in a very short time. As for the process, it included innovation audit. Innovation Company can save a lot of resources. I advise companies to form new startups with low expenses.

In the case of banks and online loans, is there staff recourse if we talk about Georgian example?

There is an interesting process going on in the world. In 2018, EU regulation will be introduced which will oblige banks to become open for startups and innovations. An open banking system will be introduced which will enable third person to use customers bank date for the formation for finance service.

Is Georgian market ready for it?

The implementation of the process is inevitable, because if they don’t do it, they will have a lot of barriers; therefore they have to take care of it. A lot of vacancies which exist nowadays will disappear and will be replaced by artificial intelligence. We should keep the track and focus on education to be ready for new challenges.