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A Georgian Household Can Afford 4 iPhones a Year

Getting your hands on the newest iPhone can be tricky — the prices in Georgia are often almost twice the official Apple price. This can be very frustrating for trend-loving Georgians. They tend to either ask their relatives to bring the Apple product from abroad and unlock it here or get a good deal on the underground market. 

This is not an issue that only Georgians face. iPhone prices vary grossly on the global market. In Brazil, for instance, the latest iPhone 6 costs $1,254, which is almost twice as much as an iPhone’s retail price in the United States. The contrast between the U.S. and the international iPhone prices can be striking.

WebpageFX’s collected data that visualizes not only how much iPhones cost all over the world, but what percentage that price would be of the annual income of someone living there. The lowest is the US at 1.6% of average income, and the highest is Indonesia, at 39.3%. 

Georgia was not on the list, but we at CBW were curious to see how Georgia stands on the global iPhone market. So, we asked Geostat for the median annual household income and divided it by the iPhone price on the local market.

Georgia’s 23.0% is slightly ahead of India’s 26,6% and right before South Africa with 15.7%.

This is a very curious formula that shows how many iPhones a family household in different parts of the world can afford a year. The Infographic below demonstrates the difference in standards of living across the globe, not in terms of dollars, but in terms of iPhones:


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