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Adjaristsqali Georgia

Investing in Education – Largest Investor’s Social Responsibility

Adjaristsqali Georgia (AGL) is constructing the Shuakhevi Hydro Power Project (HPP) in highland Adjara.

In total, USD 416 million have been invested in the project. The company is helping to promote the long-term development of the region not only by building a hydro power project but also by implementing a wide variety of corporate social responsibility projects. Based on a study commissioned at the outset of the project, AGL identified education and awareness raising among the key priorities for its social responsibility efforts.

One of the largest and most successful projects that AGL has implemented in Adjara has been its English language trainings for students preparing to take the national university entrance exam.

Local English teachers were selected to serve as trainers based on a competition organized by the Ministry of Education of Adjara. At the same time, AGL tested the English skills of 12th grade students from schools in Khulo and Shuakhevi. 135 local students were then organized into 11 groups at 5 public schools. In addition to providing the trainings, AGL also provides students with transportation home on chartered minibuses and consistently monitors the project throughout its implementation.

The AGL internship program has also been very successful. The second group of student interns will start at the Shuakhevi HPP a month from now. AGL recently conducted another presentation at Georgian Technical University and is receiving many applications. Once the applications are in, the project’s deputy director Josh Gerard will personally interview students and select the winners.

AGL is helping develop and strengthen professional staff in the Georgian hydropower sector by inviting university students from the Faculty of Energy at Georgian Technical University to intern at the Shuakhevi HPP. These interns are gaining theoretical knowledge and practical skills by working in different units on rotation. Students participate in the building of power stations and dams and in the construction of tunnels. 

As part of this program, AGL has been funding the internships of successful local students since 2015. As many as 20 students from the Khulo and Shuakhevi municipalities have been awarded fully-funded internships. We will continue to finance these students’ education for three years contingent upon their continued success on their semester exams.

AGL’s goal in all of its social projects is to promote the long-term development of highland Adjara.

Implemented and ongoing projects:

  •  English language and pedagogical training for local English teachers
  •  After school English clubs with native-English speaking teachers
  •  English language essay and spelling competitions for local students
  •  Road safety trainings
  •  Health awareness trainings
  •  University scholarships for 20 students from highland Adjara
  •  Internship at Shuakhevi HPP construction sites for students from the Faculty of  Energy at Georgian Technical University
  • English language courses to help local students prepare for the national university entrance exams.