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International Management Company Ginza Project Enters Georgia

International management company Ginza Project has entered Georgia and taken over management of two boutique-style hotels. Official inauguration of one hotel will be held in several weeks, while another hotel will open at the beginning of 2018.

GINZA Project will also exclusively manage the residential complex of GERGETI RISE RESIDENCES. This project is implemented by CRADLE OF DEVELOPMENT LTD. Its managing partner Nika Tsiklauri told Commersant radio station that the company planned to prepare a special and exclusive development project in terms of architectural and additional functions and location.

The project was designed by Georgian architectural company Khmaladze Architect, while its operation will be provided by international company Ginza Project, he added.

The project calls for creating ecologically clean environment and special micro climate. It comprises 5 residential floors and 20 apartments with two panoramic elevators, huge lobby with an atrium of 123 meter height and natural rocky wall; the yard designed by modern landscape and playground with picturesque views to the capital city.

The complex will have two-storied underground parking zone; 24-hour service of concierge and security service; conference hall, library, business and media center, sports playground, outdoor and indoor training spaces; sauna, wine cellar, residential terraces and so on.

Project’s investment value is 15 million GEL and its implementation will end in autumn 2018.

As to Ginza Project, Nika Tsiklauri said that the company wanted to create a precedent, when an international management company would manage  a residential complex in Georgia and Ginza Project had been selected to this end.

GINZA Project owns 112 restaurants in London, Moscow, New York, St. Petersburg, LOS Angeles, Washington  and carries out management of boutique-hotels and residential complexes. At this stage, the company has taken management in several boutique hotels in Tbilisi and Batumi. The company plans to implement several other large projects all over Georgia.