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Insurance Group of Georgia Controls 11% of Road Transport Insurance Market

According to the data released by State Insurance Supervision Service  of Georgia, Insurance Company “Georgian Insurance Group – IGG” is in the fourth place in the field of road transport insurance in the first quarter of 2018.

The total amount of written premium  in this type of insurance is 24 million  GEL  and   share  held  by the insurance company “Georgian Insurance Group – IGG” is 2.65 million lari,  which is  11% of total share.

It should be mentioned that IGG has insurance agreements with the key state agencies like Patrol police of Georgia, Administration of President of Georgia, The supreme court of Georgia, Ministry of regional development and  infrastructure , State audit office of Georgia, Georgian railway, Ministry of Corrections of Georgia  and e.t. IGG has branches in Kutaisi and Batumi


In terms of health insurance, IGG operates all over Georgia and has a wide network of provider clinics (up to 200). Family doctors are available in all major cities of Georgia.

At this stage, the company has insured nearly 38,000 people, which is 7-8% of the insured by private insurance scheme of Georgia.

In terms of non-life insurance, the company offers customers all kinds of products available on the market throughout Georgia .

In terms of reinsurance, the company cooperates with French company SCOR (www.scor.com), the world’s 4th  largest reinsurance company, which has been awarded an AA- rating. The contract signed between IGG and SCOR ensures the reliability of portfolio in non-life insurance.

Insurance group of Georgia JSC is a new company on the Georgian insurance market.  The capital of the company is fully Georgian. The management staff has long-time experience in the field of insurance. The company started operating in the Georgian market in July 2017 and  it’s insurance portfolio already exceeds 11 million GEL.