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An Innovative Concept of an Intellectual Hub on the Georgian Market

GPN (Global Professional Network) has recently emerged on the Georgian market with an aim of providing intellectual services to Georgian and foreign clients based on a fundamentally novel concept.

Namely, based on the specific demands and interests of a potential customer, the company will offer tailored-made services of a qualified expert (or group of experts) registered in its database. Respective approach provides a unique opportunity for the clients to obtain higher-quality personalized services provided by the specialists operating in their specific fields of interest. Thus the customers will be able to utilize knowledge and experience of the experts to solve existing business tasks.

GPN has set up a network of more than 200 experts in different fields that are already employed in various companies and organizations and are acclaimed as the top professionals in their respective areas. The portfolio of the company includes a large variety of the consulting services as well as various forms of project management, including in Legal, Financial, IT, Human Resource and Marketing related areas.

An innovative concept of consulting services that offers a unique network of top experts in various fields, represents a completely novel approach on the Georgian market. Respective strategy enables provision of the high-quality services based on the comfortable one-stop-shop principle.