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Innovation Finnish School to Open in Saguramo by 2019

“Alliance Group Holding” plans to open Finnish school in Saguramo in partnership with Finland’s leading education consortium. The school project envisages investment of 15-20 million euros, – Director of Alliance Group Holding, Ayet Kukava shares details with”Business Morning”.

How did you come up with the idea of ​​opening school in Saguramo and when did you decide to be work education business?

Our company starts business in the field that the country needs. It will be commercially beneficial for us too, if we offer what country needs. It has been proven that Finnish young people have created billion-dollar companies in recent years. This confirms that they are advanced in all over the world. We visited Finland, we met heads of schools and the government who promised us support. For more than three years we have been thinking about opening the school. We have chosen Finnish Consortium, which is one of the most successful.

Our chosen consortium is not only consisting of successful education experts, but also designers, engineers and architects. There will be a rolling wardrobe where pupils leave books, so that they do not have to take it with them everyday. The main purpose is that, pupils should not have too much homework after school, as they receive primary education at school. They won’t need additional private teachers, which is an issue in Georgia nowadays.

You mentioned you enter beneficial fields, how lucrative business can it be?

Since we have a long-term plan, first of all, Finnish school needs a big space, which can be hardly found in Tbilisi.  We want to build a sample school because our partners should start to expand to the region before Kazakhstan and Turkey. After Tbilisi we think about launching it in Kutaisi and Batumi. The school needs large space, multi-profile infrastructure, not only for school buildings, but also for labs, training centers, etc. Businessmen go to school to teach children from the first class what the business is, how state operates.

What are the stages to be employed in such schools?

A director of the school and a few teachers will be from Finland, but we are starting to train local teachers too. They must pass minimum 6-month training to teach at our school. We will have high-level teachers who have MA in Chemistry, Medicine, Physics etc. Wages will be relevantly high.

What is the investment value?

Around 15-20 million Euros, although it will increase in next years, along with expanding.