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IliaUni Business School Establishes Financial Education Center

IliaUni State University business school and Society and Banks nongovernmental organisation have established a financial education center.

The business school dean Giorgi Kadagidze introduced the center director Giorgi Kepuladze to the media representatives. Kadagidze also read a lecture “Education and Economic Growth” for the economic media school graduates.

The university and nongovernmental organization will unite resources to improve financial education level in the country. They will implement joint projects, conduct trainings, research works, discussions and various educational and student activities.

The center will cooperate with various interested parties: government, nongovernmental sector, private sector, academic circles, international organizations and donors.

Our society lacks for financial education, information about financial operations and risks. Objective of this center is to minimize the risks, while higher education and educated society will bolster shaping strong, healthy and efficient financial system.