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IFC and EBRD to Allocate 18 million EUR to Aversi

IFC and EBRD to Allocate 18 million EUR to Aversi

International Finance Corporation (IFC) and European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) will allocate 18 million EUR financial resources to Aversi Pharma. By this decision, intrnational organizations will assist the company to broaden public access to high-quality medical services in Georgia.

IFC will allot 13 million EUR loan to enables the company to enlarge the network of medical facilities and provide cutting-edge medical services all over the country. EBRD will also allocate a loan to Aversi in the amount of 5 million EUR.

High-level oncology services will be developed in Tbilisi and outpatient clinic construction will be financed in Telavi. The financial resources will be applied for purchase of modern medical equipment for clinics.

“Attainable, high-quality medical services are of crucial importance for Georgia. These medical services ensure welfare of our society and assist in overcoming the poverty. Thanks to our cooperation with international finance institutions, our company plans to satisfy the existing demand for high-quality medical services in Georgia”, Aversi founder Paata Kurtanidze said.

“We are happy to continue our successful cooperation with Aversi. This project is of crucial importance  for public welfare and will improve healthcare infrastructure in the country. EBRD tries to provide overall support for economic development of Georgia. This important project is also a part of EBRD strategy aimed at growing energy efficiency, competitive capacity, developing innovative products and establishing corporate management standards in Georgia”, Bruno Balvanera, EBRD’s regional director for Caucasus, Moldova and Belarus, said.