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Ice Cream Market Heats Up

The ice-cream business becomes especially important prior to the coming summer season. What new products do the ice-cream manufacturers offer to customers? What do they expect on this season? How competitive is the market and what problems do manufacturers face?

LLC Aisi – Gurjaani

Guram Berekashvili, head of LLC Aisi, Gurjaani Ice-cream manufacturing company, says that the company will introduce two new ice-cream products this season. Children ice-cream PIKOLI has been already put into distribution network and its price makes up 0.50 GEL. Another new product will appear in the retails network in several days. At this stage, the company manufactures 20 varieties of ice-cream products and sells 100% of them on the Georgian market, Berekashvili noted.

In previous years, the company was exporting Gurjaani Ice-cream to  Azerbaijan, but now the company operates only on the domestic market. “Previously we were exporting our products to Azerbaijan, but later I suspended exports, because the results were not satisfactory. If there is a serious client with serious plans, we will think of exports”, Berekashvili noted.


As to competition, the head of LLC Aisi, explains that the ice-cream business is the field with healthy competition. In the last period, several Russian and Ukrainian ice-cream companies have entered the Georgian market, however, they cannot compete with Georgian manufacturers in terms of quality or prices.

PINGO ice-cream

Vitali Gelashvili, one of the founders of Four Bross, PINGO ice-cream manufacturer, explains that the company produces 16 varieties of ice-cream products, prices are standard and range from 0.50 to 0.70 GEL. The product is entirely sold on the domestic market, he said and added that exports negotiations were conducted with Armenia and Kazakhstan, but agreement was not reached finally.

The company cannot provide valuable advertising campaigns and this is a serious problem. The current budget of the company does not enable to carry out marketing and advertising campaigns, Gelashvili said. As a result, they will face problems with major network markets. “Despite we produce high-quality products, the major network markets give priority to lower-quality but perceptible products. But this is inner problem and the time is required to resolve it”, Gelashvili said. The PINGO ice-cream manufacturer also talks about imported ice-cream products. Ukrainian and Russian ice-cream products belong to comparatively lower segment, but they cannot compete with the Georgian product.


There is no problem with the product transportation, all standards and norms are protected. Georgian ice-cream is of higher-quality product compared to Russian and Ukrainian products.

“The confidence aspect is an additional factor. The Georgian consumers trust to the Georgian product more”, Gelashvili noted. As to the ice-cream quality, Georgia produces high-quality products, but they are not made of natural milk, Gelashvili added. 

“I do not have information what happens in other countries, but we have this reality. According to my information, ice-cream is made of natural milk in Great Britain, however, I do not know what the final product looks like. Under the current technologies in Georgia, it is ruled out that companies produce ice-cream, from natural milk. We use high-quality milk powder and natural butter cream. For example, we use Valio butter. Coconut fat is used for lower-quality ice-cream products and this is much cheaper”, Gelashvili noted.

Barambo Ice-cream

Barambo company is meeting the new season with many innovations. Barambo has entirely renewed the existing assortment and introduced new varieties and changed the product package. The company says that a new exactly balanced taste was created by mixture of natural fatless milk and crispy vafel with Belgian chocolate, natural vanilla and ecologically clean fruit.

This assortment was enriched by cream-brulee Barambo Burger (with rusk) and TWINS ice-cream with chocolate and rusk.

Appearance of Barambo Export’s new line ice-cream is an important event on the Georgian market. It includes an assortment with wonderful taste characteristics. For the first time in Georgia, Barambo has produced three sorts of ice-cream cakes – Barambo Export ice-cream cake with Panakota strawberries, Caramel vanilla and ice-cream cake Tiramisu- sponge cake.

Individual ice-cream in 500milliliter containers of Barambo Export is also an important innovation – with special tastes – Barambo Export vanilla with chocolate pieces, figs, cream-brulee with caramel pieces, brown, big conу with vanilla-chocolate topping and yoghurt ice-cream with cherry topping.

Barambo has also introduced a variety of assortment family-type ice-cream products under the exports line: Barambo Export family vanilla, family nut, family panna cotta with blackberry topping, family chocolate cream, (1000 milliliters), as well as 2000 milliliter vanilla-chocolate and family panna cotta with strawberry and black currant topping. Family vanilla, family vanilla-chocolate-biscuitine, family blackberry-panna cotta-black currant in 5000 milliliter packing.

The development of a new line was a surprise the customers and Barambo Export deserved  approval and popularity, the company noted.

Tolia Ice-cream

Tolia marketing manager Sandro Lomsadze is content with the current sales. “Based on the existing competition on the ice-cream market, at this stage we will keep silent about new products. However, in the near future our consumers will taste more new and interesting products”, Sandro Lomsadze said.


Thus, Georgian ice-cream manufacturers are meeting the 2016 season with many new products. It is interesting how successful the 2016 season will be.