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HYUNDAI Inaugurates First Official Brand Stores of Home Appliances in Tbilisi

HYUNDAI Inaugurates First Official Brand Stores of Home Appliances in Tbilisi

The worldwide distinguished Korean brand HYUNDAI has launched a network of brand stores of home appliances in Georgia. The first stores opened at Tbilisi Mall and Kutaisi.

For more than 50 years South Korean giant HYUNDAI has been successfully operating worldwide in such fields as automobile building, development sector, chemical industry, financial services, heavy industry, ship building and tourism sector, production of home appliances and smartphones.

HYUNDAI home appliances and smartphones are famous worldwide for high quality and constantly developing Hi-tech achievements. The world’s distinguished designers develop design of the company products. Therefore, HYUNDAI TV sets, refrigerators, washing machines, driers, dishwashers, stoves, input appliances and smartphones have been one of the most in-demand products worldwide.

In Georgia HYUNDAI will develop several directions of sales, both retail and wholesale networks, and direct sales.

For three days after the network inauguration, the company will offer gifts and various surprises to clients. The company offers 24-month interest-free installment payment schemes with a 3-month grace period. This signifies clients pay neither commission fee nor advancement payments for 3 months. They are able to start paying installments from the fourth month. HYUNDAI has entered Georgian market with innovative project – “Buy, Give Recommendation and Earn about 4 000 GEL a Month in Addition”,  Any adult is welcome to join the project: students, professors, pensioners, doctors, teachers and so on. Our clients have the opportunity to launch their own business and receive additional revenues.

To this end clients should buy HYUNDAI products, then give recommendations to relatives and friends, and they will be paid a certain percent. And then from each registration on genealogical line they will receive revenues every month.

The project is being implemented successfully. More and more citizens show interest in and participate in the project.

Interested citizens are able to engage in the project at HYUNDAI official brand stores and in online format. Those wishing to buy top quality equipment, have opportunities to participate in the project and earn considerable revenues, besides their main occupation.