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Huawei Wants to Further Develop Its Business in Georgia

The Chinese multi-national and multi-billion telecommunications company Huawei, is interested in developing its business in Georgia. This statement was made during Georgia’s PM and Huawei’s Senior Vice President’s meeting in China.

Today Georgia’s PM has completed his 5-day visit to China within World Economic Forum framework. The Economic Forum in Dalian raised many Georgia-China economic cooperation opportunities, stressing Georgia’s role in the New Silk Road project and opportunities of Chinese investment in Anaklia Port. Many private sector possibilities were also raised, including deepening cooperation with Huawei.

The two sides considered the cooperation questions. Huawei, the telecommunications giant that has been successfully operating in Georgia for the last fifteen years, expressed its interest in a so-called “safe country” concept. This means that Huawei is interested in building safety infrastructure and building Internet systems in Georgia’s cities and the countryside.

Huawei is also interested in helping Georgia’s government fulfill the PM’s initiated Electronic Governance project.

A worker adjusts the logo at the stand of Huawei at the CeBIT trade fair in Hanover March 15, 2015. REUTERS/Morris Mac Matzen

Huawei is China’s biggest telecommunications company, with offices operating in Hong-Kong, Singapore, Indonesia, and Japan. The company’s global revenue in 2014 rose by 21 percent and constituted 46,5 billion dollars, net profit amounting to 4,5 billion dollars. The company currently employs 140 thousand professionals worldwide.

The PM’s meeting with Huawei representatives in China: