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HUAWEI Mate20 Lite Arrives in Georgia

This is a cutting-edge smartphone with Four Al cameras. Georgian consumers have not to wait any more, as the latest model of HUAWEI Mate has already arrived in Georgia and it is attinable to everybody. This smartphone is a new word in the business world.

Presentation of HUAWEI Mate 10 was held in October 2017 and this model has gain huge popularity since then amongst upper-class business professionals. In order to allow users to enjoy more of the Mate Series’ outstanding features, Huawei has created the stylish HUAWEI Mate 20 lite for young business-minded individuals entering the work force. The Four AI cameras can easily take beautiful photos across a wide range of scenarios, and is equipped with the new EMUI 8.2 to offer a breadth of outstanding features that satisfy its users’ business, social media, leisure and any other needs.

Bold Response to Modern Tendencies

Young people entering the work force as the future business elite tend to have higher requirements for mobile phones. The HUAWEI Mate 20 lite fully considers the design and technical requirements of users. Humans are naturally attracted to symmetric patterns and shapes. Symmetry embodies officiality, harmony, tranquility and balance. HUAWEI Mate 20 lite is bilaterally symmetrical, which not only makes the device a pleasure to behold, but also brings a visual order to the other aesthetical elements at play.

Young people entering the work place for the first time grew up with the rise of the Internet, and the act of sharing on social media has become their instinct. They explore and get to know about the world through the Internet. Therefore, cameras and the quality of images play an increasingly important role in facilitating this process. The company has adequately responded to this challenge too – The HUAWEI Mate 20 lite is equipped with four AI cameras, two in the front and back, for a smarter shooting experience.

Special Features  of HUAWEI Mate 20 lite Dual Camera 

To give users a better photography experience, Huawei has put dual front cameras, comprising 24MP and 2MP sensors, in the HUAWEI Mate 20 lite. Dual cameras, on the other hand, use the primary lens to capture image data, and the other to capture depth data. Unlike other devices,  HUAWEI Mate 20 lite leverages AI to enable its front cameras to recognize over 200 scenarios across eight categories.

HUAWEI Mate 20 lite is able to not only recognie subjects, but also show clear details no matter the scene is dimly-lit or has back lighting, that’s to special algorithm. . It also has 3D Qmoji, as well as five types of professional lighting effects such as soft lighting (Rembrandt light), butterfly lighting and stage lighting, which make the photos look beautiful and allows users to showcase their vibrant lifestyles.

What HUAWEI Offers in New Smartphone

HUAWEI Mate 20 lite features an octa-core Kirin 710 SoC and the latest EMUI 8.2 to bring users an extraordinary experience through the perfect integration of software and hardware.

Kirin 710 is Huawei’s first 12nm chip. As a chip tailored for the HUAWEI Mate 20 lite, Kirin 710 features the A73 core that is 75% more powerful than the A53 in Kirin 659.

Four AI cameras, beautification algorithm, and 5 varieties of studio lighting enables to take top-quality and professional photos. With Kirin 710 processor and the latest internal interface, HUAWEK Mate 20 Lite with EMUI 8.2 ensures improved operation of the smartphone, including for mobile games.

HUAWEI Mate 20 lite is packed with a massive 3750mAh battery, and support for HUAWEI Quick Charge. It is a convenient and genuine partner for people addicted to photography, games and communication. Moreover, multifunctional HUAWEI Mate 20 Lite with artificial intellect provide huge opportunities for young representatives of the business sector.

HUAWEI products and services are available in more than 170 countries and are consumed by one third of the world population. There are 16 research and development centers worldwide – the USA, Germany, Sweden, Russia, India and China. HUAWEI Consumer BG is HUAWEI’s one of the three business units that manufactures smartphones, personal computers, Tabs and provides cloud services. The global network of HUAWEI is based on 20-year experience in telecommunication business and offers innovative technologies all over the world.