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Huawei Company Promoting Communications Staff Professional Growth

Huawei Company Promoting Communications Staff Professional Growth

Huawei company has been operating on Georgian market for 16 years and implementing a lot of successful projects jointly with leading cell communications operators.

Main objective of the company is to bolster communications sector development. Professional training of communications staff is a necessary component for sector development, Huawei managers noted.

«We follow well-developed staff policy. We employ professional staff and permanently care for their training so as they acquire new skills and get acquainted with technological innovations. We pay much attention to professional trainings of young people as part of our probation programs. Advanced students are able to join Huawei successful team», Maia Machavariani, Huawei HR manager, noted.

Technical section occupies a main part of Huawei office, where 95% of the company employees work. The company business comprises three main directions: communications, consumer business — the company-produced devices line and IT products. The company also provides a training system, due to directions, so as invited experts hold workshops and online trainings. The company also provides probation period in China for its staff.

«In 2015 we launched paid probation program for graduate students or MA degree students. The program provides best opportunities for professional development and gaining experience. From the very first days, young people, jointly with the company staff, perform specific tasks and pass field practical works. Besides local program, the company also practices Seeds for the Future project that enables advanced students to pass training courses at Huawei head office in China», Maia Machavariani said. 

Professional Development program that Huawei is implementing in Georgia considerably contributes to communications sector development and, finally, shaping successful staff. Currently, the Georgian branch employs more than 200 professionals.

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