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Natia Kereselidze

How to Set up Business in Dubai From Georgia?

Natia Kereselidze, Evergreen Businessmen Services Representative in Georgia talks about how to set up Business in tax free Dubai and why Georgian businessmen need to think about it.

Our company Evergreen Businessmen Services shows  you every steps, how to get license to setup business in Dubai.n this article I want to talk about every necessary license ,which is important to setup business in Dubai.

Dubai has transformed itself  from a local trading community into one of the most inspirational, exciting and successful cities in the world. Nowadays Dubai is the most attractive environment for tourists and businesses. Dubai is the perfect gateway between East and West and very suitable place for the region’s imports and exports market ,one of the most profitable in the world. Such environment encourages, new business to get new hights. Thousands of new businesses are discovering each year. Dubai’s strategic location gives easy eccess  to 2.2 billion consumers, from a unique centralized time zone ,that combines East and West business hours.

Being a Business Consultant, We understand the importance of each business. We value the entrepreneur inside you and help you to setup business in Dubai.

Nationality is not a restriction in Dubai to start your own Business. But setting up a Business in UAE involves the understanding of Business Activity designed by Department of Economic Department ,sponsors documentation and Legal Approvals etc which seems to be quiet complex. But we ensure smooth formation of your company in Dubai without a legal hassle with regards to documentation and pro services. Our experienced team can solve your each and every problem regarding your business very easy and fast.

Which license you need for setup business in Dubai

  • Select a business activity
  • Select a legal form for your business
  • Select a trade name of your business
  • Apply for initial approval certificate
  • Prepare a Memorandum of association and local service agent
  • Establish your business location
  • Obtain licensing approvals for your business
  • Collect your business license

In Dubai were are two important areas Mainland and Free Zone . Each zone has its own rules and benefits. It’s for you to decide, which of  the zones will be a priority for your business.

How to setup business in Mainland

To setup Business Activities in Mainland you will need to register with DED (Department of Economic Development), who will issue you with a Dubai business license.

A DED Mainland license can also be  beneficial because you would not limit yourself to one particular area. When you have this type of license , you are free to operate in any area of the UAE.

Benefits of company formation of Business in the Mainland

  • You can operate your business activity from any part of UAE
  • Hassle free legal formalities to seek license and registration
  • Smooth process in procuring office premises and infrastructure, as well as HR services
  • No yearly auditing mandatory
  • Tax free
  • Flexibility to rent office anywhere
  • Easy availability of employment visas

What is Free zone and How to setup Business in Free Zone in Dubai ?

A free zone is a segment of clearly defined and isolated land or setting, with a special tax, customs and imports regime, that is different from the mainland area ,usually involving  a status of extra territoriality. Free Zones are planned for boosting international business through providing 100% ownership to expatriates. In UAE ,free zones are either attached to ports or industry specific. The main idea of establishing free zones in the UAE was for them to serve as a central business hub for companies willing to conduct business with  the  outer word, not specifically in the UAE. Therefore ,UAE free zone companies are intended to operate within the corresponding free zone as hub  for the worldwide operations and are not licensed to operate within the rest of the UAE. As a result most of the free zone companies during the initial days were engaged in import and re -export activities.

Each free zone in UAE has its own set of laws. However, most of the businesses in the Free Zones fall under the following broad categories based on their business activities.

  • Branch of a foreign company or a branch of an offshore company
  • Free zone Establishment /Company( FZE/FZC/FZ LLC)
  • FZE or FZC are limited liability entities owned by an individual or corporate entity. There are differences between the entities. For example .Free Zone establishment has only one single shareholder .Free Zone Company or FZ LLC can have 2 or more shareholders.

What Are The Advantages of A Free Zone Company?

A free zone company enjoys many advantages. Some of them are:

  • No personal income or capital gain taxes
  • 100% foreign ownership is allowed in free zone business
  • No corporate taxes
  • No duties on import or export
  • Modern efficient communications
  • No currency restrictions
  • Excellent support services

Free zones offer excellent facilities which are ideal for running business operations:

  • Land on lease provided for investor development
  • Pre-built warehouse/ factory/ office accommodation units for lease
  • Transportation links by air, by sea and by road

At first glance ,this may account for everything  seem difficult and long process, but trust me , if you choose “Evergreen Businessmen Services “ start business in Dubai will be easy and fast.

That’s why , we are here , in Georgia, to offer you  our services and help , to contact Georgian Sme’s  in Dubai’S international trade area  ,where hole world is trades , where you have chance to get your business in new hights.