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How to Sell Products on AMAZON with Support of Georgian Company

Amazon Export Hub will assist interested parties to sell their products at Amazon. The company launched operation in Georgia 3 months ago and it offers theoretical and practical trainings.

The company founder Levan Molashvili told Business Course that representatives of various social groups apply to the company, who want to sell products at Amazon.

“Our objective is to make Amazon popular among Georgian users as a platform, where our products will be introduced to hundreds of millions of users all over the world. We will assist them to apply this platform.

Training process will be held in two stages: theoretical and practical parts. Our experience has showed that only theoretical part does not suffice, therefore, after theoretical trainings, we assist interested bodies to practically implement their plans and introduce their products to Amazon platform.

Most part of requests are submitted by people who are interested in handmade things. Amazon has a separate direction – Amazon HandMade and this signifies that users are able to put out their handmade products for sales at Amazon. Interested bodies have to just obtain the due status after small procedures. The third category consists of people who are small entrepreneurs, produce goods in Georgia and want to introduce them to the world. We will assist each of them with much pleasure”, Levan Molashvili said.

Amazon services are attainable for everyone in terms of finances, he added.

“There are certain monthly fees, 40 USD to have seller’s account; there is a warehouse fee, because your products are sent to Amazon warehouse in wholesale form and are stored there. You are able to create statement on Amazon and later send products to users”, Levan Molashvili said.

Amazon Export Hub assists people to make valuable analysis about whether this or that product will be profitable and what products, materials, brands or directions may be interesting for Amazon, he said.

The company launched operation on basis of Business and Technology University and about 50 persons were trained. Their products have been already placed at Amazon and sales will start in the near future.