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How Akcent Swindled Georgian Audience and FIX Group Company

On August 10 Underwill club in Tbilisi was to host the concert of famous Romanian band Akcent. The concert was organized by promotion company FIX Group, which had covered all related expenses under the agreement – royalties, air tickets, hotel expenses, hiring the club, lighting costs and so on.

The company had honestly fulfilled the mentioned obligations, Akcent band did not arrive in Tbilisi to conduct the planned concert on August 10, despite everything was ready.

Initially, the band representatives noted that their manager could not receive entrance visa, however later, according to their official statement that they sent to the organizer company FIX Group by mail, the group representatives were asserting that the manager had not paid money to them and this was the real reason they had not arrived in Tbilisi.  The Group promised the organizing company FIX Group to pay fines and penalties in a certain period, but they did not keep the promise and disappeared.

According to FIX Group representatives, it was impossible to contact them by either Viber, or email, or WhatsApp or any other social network. This situation lasted a month and half. They have not fulfilled the promise and the case has been sued to the court. At this stage, the case is under investigation. Two countries are defendant – Mumbai and Romania.

The concert was to be a partly charitable event. According to FIX Group, a certain part of the raised funds was to be directed to the charitable fund.

It is noteworthy that all tickets, a total of 4000 tickets had been sold. The ticket prices ranged from 25 GEL to 40 GEL. Total incomes made up 168 000 GEL, while expenditures made up 78 000 GEL, excluding VAT and income tax. Serious financial losses were inflicted to the organizing Georgian company and the mentioned figures prove this.

However, despite these difficulties the company refunded all sold tickets to the clients, part of them on the same day, and another part in several days. The ticket price was refunded to all clients within a week.

Besides serious financial losses, the organization’s reputation was also damaged, while the reputation in business, especially in this field, is of crucial importance. Because of the mentioned fact other scheduled events of FIX Group were also cancelled. For example, a concert by Ricchi e Poveri that was to be held at Sports Palace on December 14. The StandUp was also scheduled for August 23 in Batumi, but it was cancelled too. FIX Group representatives note that they have all evidences, starting from correspondence, ending with the paid bills. The trial is protracted and it is impossible to remunerate the losses inflicted after Akcent band refused to arrive in Tbilisi.

It should be noted that Akcent, after the PR campaign related to their arrival in Tbilisi, held two major tours in November and December. They returned to the stage after a break of several years. FIX Group band used to advertise the mentioned concert abroad too, through a lot of travel companies.

Despite financial losses, the company keeps conducting various events. On August 10, FIX Group will hold a one-day festival – F*ckAkcent. Various foreign singers and artists have expressed willingness to take part in this event. We also plan to host StandUp, Ivan Abramov in Batumi and take many other activities.

This case is to ruin the reputation of the band of this level. Swindling in the most unacceptable fact in show business and their behavior was to fundamentally damage their reputation, but we have seen that the band has conducted two tours in November and December and they had no reputation problems.

The Georgian Party has suffered seriously, both the audience and the organizing company. The customers spent money, planned to attend the concert, bought tickets and finally, they were disappointed. The organizing company has suffered the most, because, along with big financial losses, its reputation worsens on the mentioned market because of the reasons not depending on our company and because of irresponsible activities of the mentioned specific company.

FIX Group could work on more and successful projects, if not this case, which is examined by the court. The justice should be restored. The process is protracted in time, but the time is money.