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Houses on Musical Island on Ilia Lake to Cost 150-200 thousand EUR

Musical Island that is being built by Ferrus Georgia company on the Ilia Lake in Kakheti will open in summer 2019, businessman Gia Piradashvili, founder of Chateau Mere and Royal Batony, told BM.Ge

The musical Island will be managed by Royal Batony, he added.

“At this stage, we have already constructed six houses and another six ones will be added in summer 2019. These eco houses are being built immediately on the Lake surface; We have already constructed a concert Island for various events. According to my information, each house will cost 150-200 thousand EUR. Basically, foreign citizens express interest to buy them.

Royal Batony will ensure leasing of these houses and the infrastructure. We will provide services for this company and operate it as a hotel, restaurant and a concert island. Supposedly, in June-July this infrastructure will be perfect and launch operation”, Gia Piradashvili noted.

Ferrus Georgia is a Latvian company incorporated in Georgia, which bought underwater land by auction and started its development. This is a small space – about 6 000 square meters, he added.

At the first stage, Ferrus Georgia has invested 1.5 million EUR. This is a huge amount for this small space; High-technology houses are being built, structures are made of natural wood; each house needs 1.5 kw/h electricity. We convey glass and windows from London. Similar healthy and ecologically clean houses are met only in Norway, Sweden and Finland.

Latvian company Ferrus is specialized in eco projects. This European company manufactures electric cars and electric minibuses”, Gia Piradashvili noted.