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Hotels not Ready for the Introduction of Service Quality

With the activation of the holiday season in Georgia, criticism of the low level of service in hotels and restaurants is also intensified.

This season a low level of services and high prices are a particular  subject  of criticism. This is due to  the fact that so far minimum standards compliance of  which would be  the obligation for  hotels and restaurants have not been introduced.

The Department of Tourism of Ajara proposed an initiative of  introducing  licensing of hotels and restaurants last year, but the Ministry of Economy flatly rejected this idea and does not intend to introduce new regulation. The Department of Tourism today says that at this stage  hotel and restaurant business in Georgia is not ready to introduce  modern standards.

In order to improve the quality,  the Department for several years conducted  hidden checks on the basis of which hotels and restaurants receive recommendations for improving the identified shortcomings. In addition, the Department provides training for owners of hotels, restaurants and tour operators.

According to the head of the Center for Services Development at the Tourist Department of Ajara Tamuna Kaikatsishvili, the Center  intends to continuously carry out all sorts of studies of the tourist market and has already announced a tender for the identification of the relevant company. According to the survey of 150 facilities, the Department intends to organize new training to improve the skills of persons working in the tourism sector.

“With regard to last year’s survey, it  found that the main problem of restaurants is the quality with waiter service, in hotels – with the pace of service,” she notes. In her  words, the overall level of service in hotels and restaurants is growing every year and taking into account the realities of Georgia, the current level is acceptable, but is still far from European standards. She notes that  the results of hidden checks are always known to owners of the  objects, and as the Department has no authority to require them to fix anything, they are limited to recommendations.