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“Hilton” Hotel not to be Opened Next Year

IDPs should be evicted from the building of the “Sakartvelo” hotel to open “Hilton” hotel, as this problem is not solved yet, the hotel cannot be opened next year.

According to the original plan, “Hilton” had to beopened in the former building of “Sakartvelo” hotel in 2014, then the deadline was extended to the end of 2015.

The Ministry of Refugees and Accommodation responds to the businessman David Kodua’s requirement of the eviction of IDPs from the building and providing them with housing.

“Commersant” was told at  the Ministry’s press service that the businessman should  meet the needs of refugees and “David Kodua is very well aware of this”. According to them, Kodua has received the reply several times.

“We say that we can’t leave the refugees in the street, this should be provided in the project. These people are waiting for a shelter  in compliance with the criteria. Therefore, if the hotel is a strategic object for the businessman, he should offer the refugees a living space “, – say in the Ministry.

He is not going to meet the refugees’ requirements at his own expense, saying that under  the contract , the Ministry is responsible  to satisfy  the refugees’ demands. Kodua notes that the refugeesaccommodation will cost GEL 1 million 600 thousand.