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High Quality Plant Protection Products are Available in Georgia

The modern agriculture does not exist  without high –quality plant protection products.  Any farmer, investor or person interested in agri business cannot  plan his or her business without having guaranteed access to  high-quality plant protection products.

The competition is annually rising throughout the world regarding the production of plant defense means and fertilizers. Gennerally most active countries in this direction are China, India, Turkey and Iran. These countries are basically producing generics but it doesn’t automatically mean that the above mentioned countries produce low –quality products.

On the leading positions in the field of manufacturing high-quality plant protection products throughout the world are European countries and the United States of America. Nowadays, in Georgia there are registered more than 700 pesticides. Currently, there are more than 30 companies engaged in import and realization of plant protection products and fertilizers on Georgian market. There are 4 companies on the leading position: Noblex-the authorized importer of Bayer; Agrovita-the official provider of Basf; Kartlisi –authorized importer of Dupon and Swiss- Syngenta. High –quality protection products and fertilizers are available for any investor, or person interested in agro business in Georgia.

It should be noted that sometimes there are falsification evidences in the regions. Even more frequent are the facts of violations of labeling and packaging. National Food Agency has recently tightened its policy in this direction, which already has some results and it should be welcomed.

It is important for farmers to know the difference between the high-quality and substandard products in terms of use. We often hear from the farmers that the high –quality products are expensive and they cannot afford themselves to buy them, accordingly, they purchase the low-quality products (generics). However, these types of preparations have lower efficiency for the plant, thus the farmers have to use them more often and it means that in the end, the farmer has to pay quite a large amount. While high-quality preparations are highly effective and have less impact on the environment as well. Correspondingly, thanks to the high efficiency of its impact, the usage of such types of products are low. Therefore the farmer saves since he’s using less of good quality product.

We have to proudly mention Georgian production. It should be noted that there is a huge production of Ammonium Nitrate in the plant which is located in Rustavi. Recently the production of various kinds of organic and bacterial high-quality fertilizers has been increased. The part of Georgian production is exported as well.

Finally, it should be emphasized that the high- quality plant protection products are available in our country. Therefore, any person interested in agro business can easily grow high-quality products. We hope that the general understanding will be soon increased and we will learn how negative consequences can have the usage of poor quality preparations as it has no possitive affect for our agriculture and the secondly it pollutes the environment.