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HES Cascade to be Built on the River Tekhura

HPP Cascade to be Built on the River Tekhura

Construction of  cascade of hydro power stations has started in Martvili municipality. The project is implemented by Tekhura Energy.

Construction of 5-level hydro power station is envisaged on the river Tekhura, which total installed capacity amounts to 1112,39 mgwt, namely: 1. Lechekha HES (22,95 mgwt); 2. Erjia HES (30,16 mgwt); 3. Khipa HES (16,95 mgwt); 4. Tskhimra HES (23,85 mgwt); 5.Nobulevi HES (18,48 mgwt);

Alexander Grigolava, mayor of Martvili Municipality has inspected the ongoing works  on Friday.

“This project has a strategic meaning from the energy point of view, as well as economy. The state, municipality and local population will get benefit from implementation of this project. 1% of the balance value will be reflected in the local budget of Martvili after the put the cascade in the exploitation. The project has 4 parts and its supposed investment value totals to 220 million USD”, – Alexander Grigolava noted.

According to the mangers of the project, over 700 persons are employed on the construction. However, 200 working places should be created after the launch of the cascade.