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HeidelbergCement Going to Maintain the Market Leadership

HeidelbergCement Going to Maintain the Market Leadership

The company HeidelbergCement appreciates the entry of a new cement company into the market as a challenge.

We are talking about Cezar Chocheli’s project which envisages the construction of a cement factory in Senaki. The project in which $ 100 million will be invested is expected to be completed in 1 year. Will Cezar Chocheli’s  cement company be a competitor to HeidelbergCement and whether it will be forced  to revise the tariff policy on the market, Commersant tried to clarify these issues at HeidelbergCement.

As the company says, Heidelberg welcomes the construction of the new cement plant in Senaki and wishes success to Cesar Chocheli and his partners. The company representatives explain that Heidelberg is ready to accept the challenge.

“Experience shows that each additional competitor has a positive impact on our company’s productivity. The new competitors aggravate our will to be the cement industry leader both in price and quality. In its 140 years, Heidelberg Group has accumulated knowledge and experience, which we use for the benefit of clients and partners, which in turn, is a guarantee of our competitive advantage,” say in HeidelbergCement.

HeidelbergCement employs some 52 600 people at 2 500 locations in more than 40 countries. The company says that Heidelberg Cement Georgia has the technical means to produce  all types of cement corresponding European standards.

Recall that Cezar Chocheli announced the construction of the  new cement plant a few days ago. The businessman says  that the cement will be sold on the market at a more acceptable price. As for quality, the businessman notes the company will not have a competitor on the market because the cement will be of a very high quality.