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Heavy Snow Creates Problems to Hotel Business in Ajara

Heavy snow has created certain problems to the hotel business the Ajara. Batumi International Airport was temporarily closed and a part of hotels failედ to receive guests. As a result, they bear financial losses, hotel managers noted.

Hilton Batumi was to host several conferences for the last 3 days, including one international conference. However, the Batumi-Istanbul flight was cancelled and guests could not arrive in Batumi. Consequently, the guests could not get to Hilton Batumi. As a result, the hotel had to cancel 120 suite reservations.

Leogrand Hotel has also lost clients because of the heavy snow. The hotel had to abolish 25% of the reservations because of bad weather, closed airport and cancelled flights. At the same time, a part of the hotel guests could not leave the hotel because of the cancelled flights and they had to stay at the hotel again, the hotel management says.

Meanwhile, Radisson hotel bears no losses. The quantity of guests has not declined because of heavy snow, the hotel management said.

The airport territory is cleaned in intense regime, as well as runway and the airport will resume operation on January 28, the Batumi International Airport administration reports.

The Ajara tourism department explains that the medal has two sides and the heavy snow will extend the ski resorts season in the Ajara Region.

In this period the tourism business losses are insignificant, because Ajara is rather a seaside resort and in this period the Region does not record much inflow of tourists,  Mamuka Berdzenishvili, the Ajara tourism department head, noted.

‘Yesterday the airport was closed and similar factors hindered reception of tourists that were to visit the Region for business or gambling games. This signifies these segments could have been really damaged because of the climate conditions and a part of the industry may be genuinely losing planned revenues.

On the other hand, this is a good case for our ski resorts. Motorways are cleaned. Consequently, new and huge volume of snow has fallen in ski resorts and such volume of snow guarantees continued operation of these resorts”, Mamuka Berdzenishvili said.

Previously, snow was melted in late February or early March, but now snow may be maintained up to late March or mid April. In this case the medal has two sides, Mamuka Berdzenishvili added.