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Healthy Water Project – For Educated Future will continue in 2015

Healthy Water Project – For Educated Future will continue in 2015. The Project, which is of social type and specifically is focused on development of pupils of Chokhatauri Region, will continue in   2014/2015 academic year.

The Company will award top three pupils from the Chokhatauri municipality with the highest scores acquired in the National Olympiad in English language with two-week trip in Great Britain.

Project For Educated Future was held for the third time this year and more and more participants are taking part in it.

“This will not happen in our lives without surprise made by Healthy Water – the Company sent us the successful pupils to the Summer School in Great Britain and it covered tuition and all travel related expenses…”- remember winners upon their return from Great Britain in 2014.

Project – For Educated Future  was held for the third time and already represents a significant part of the company’s social policy. Since learning English language is very important and is vital for a person’s self-realization in the modern world and for better presentation of one’s own skills, we decided to give the equal opportunity to the youth living in regions to work,  study and distinguish themselves. Respectively, during this academic year pupils from Chokhatauri municipality will have the opportunity to show their knowledge through the National Olympiad, which will enable them in the future to travel to Great Britain to language courses. We advise schools of the municipality, teachers, parents and of course pupils to start preparation today for the National Olympiad in order to have better chances in winning the project. I wish success them on behalf of the company”-  said Victoria Zhizhko, Head of the Public Relations Department of the Company.