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GYM 1: An exclusive fitness club with innovative technology

A highest quality fitness club GYM1 opened in Tbilisi on Sanapiro Street, 8. The gym is equipped with Technogym machines, an Italian company which has been an official supplier for athletic training equipment for a number of the Olympic Games, including Beijing in 2008 and London in 2012. Along with the innovative technology the fitness club offers personal workout programs with highly qualified trainers. CBW met with GYM 1’s PR Manager David Katsarava and discussed the new club’s role on the Georgian market.

“More and more Georgians are starting to lead healthy lifestyles. People are starting to realize that they should spend more time exercising rather than eating out at restaurants,” David Katsarava says.

The increasing popularity of healthy living can be seen in the large number of different fitness clubs that have opened in Tbilisi recently:

“The competition on the market is already very high. This is creating an incentive for the fitness businesses to compete for a better quality. The growing quality of this business indicates that the society overall is on the path to becoming healthier.”

GYM1 occupies its own niche on the Georgian market. The fitness club’s target clients are representatives of middle and higher socio-economic background. This can be in the specific benefits that the club provides. David Katsarava spoke about the opportunities that one gets by becoming a member of GYM1:

“We want to instill a so-called “club system,” in which the members eventually become one big family with exclusive privileges.”

The most exclusive package at GYM1 is quite pricey for the Georgian market. The 2000 lari ‘VIP package’ consists of a month-long individual training program with the world-class personal trainer Ray. He is an Italian of Russian origin who is unique to Georgia because of his rich experience in cross-fit, a multi-functional exercise that yields results much faster than a regular work out. This program is geared toward celebrities and professional athletes.

GYM1 opens its doors not only to a very select group of people able to afford the exclusive package.

The fitness club aims at diversifying its services and offers packages with varying prices, from a 100 to 200 laris. These are month-long membership fees that include a limited access of twelve passes per month and a thirty-day unlimited pass.
David Katsarava himself supports the idea of owning a limited pass. “It’s a psychological trick,” he says, “When you have an opportunity to go to the gym every day you become lazier as opposed to when you are limited to only three or four passes a weak. In today’s busy environment most of the people are only able to go to the gym three times a week anyway.”

By offering a more affordable package GYM1 combines the best technology in the fitness industry with better prices and makes it possible for the Georgian consumer to try out the best product on the market.