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Gurieli Tea Manufacturer to Produce Japanese Tea

Geoplant, a Georgian tea manufacturing company that produces tea under the brand name of Gurieli plans to increase exports and introduce organic tea up to the end of 2016.

The company head Mikheil Chkuaseli told the Financial newspaper that Gurieli company plans to diversify products and improve packaging quality. The Prince Gurieli line has been improved in the premium segment and now the company offers classic, fruits, grass tea varieties.

We hope to strengthen our position in the HoReCa segment too. 

Geoplant will also rehabilitate tea plantations and introduce new tea sorts in Georgia, including Sencha Japanese tea variety that is made by infusing whole tea leaves into hot water. This is very popular tea  in Japan.

“Georgia will be the third country after Japan and China to produce this tea”, Chkhuaseli noted.

At this stage, Gurieli tea is exported to Ukraine, Czech Republic, Russia and Turkmenistan, and European countries.

The year of 2015 was very difficult. Maintaining the price policy was one of the challenges amid the GEL depreciation. Anyway the company sales increased by 25%, Mikheil Chkuaseli said.

At this stage, the company plans to open a new packaging plant equipped with high technologies in Ozurgeti to  boost production twice. The company plans to produce pyramid-style teabags and this will be an unprecedented innovation in Georgia, Chkuaseli said. The new plant will open in July.

Regretfully, there are certain problems with cafes and restaurants that give preference to imported products and their profits margin is 400%. They prefer to stay away from Georgian tea.