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Gurieli to Produce Bio tea

Tea production company “Geoplant”, which is presented under the name of “Gurieli” on the market, plans to produce bio tea.

From 2018, the company will work in the direction of bio tea, and pay a special attention to the plantations in this regard.

“This year we are going to think about the development of this direction,we might even consider producing white tea, but it will be a small amount, since its prices start from USD 250 and goes up to USD 2000. We tested it and laboratory results are impressive,”-says Administrative Director, Vladimyr Meskhi.

Gurieli started operating on the Georgian market since 2010, with its share in about 2 months reached 13% of the market, at this time it goes beyond 23%.

The company introduced several new products in the market in 2017.

“Gurieli” is actively represented in export markets, including in all European countries, in the Middle Asia market and others.