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Government Transmits Land to Quadrum Hotel for 80 000 Gel without Auction

Ministry of Economy of Georgia has transmitted a land to Quadrum hotel in Gudauri for 80 000 GEL, without auction.

The project director Irakli Eristavi told the Commersant that the hotel will meet the next season with a new building.

The hotel will offer a new building on 400 square meter space. The new project will add 11 suites to Quadrum hotel. As a a result, the hotel will have 22 suites.

“The Government ruled out that the territory in front of us be transmitted to others by auction. Therefore, Ministry of Economy sold this territory to us without auction for 80 000 GEL. On 40 square meter space we will build another building.

The new building will comprise an indoor swimming pool, yoga hall and restaurant. This building will launch operation in test regime in autumn, while in winter both buildings will launch operation at full capacity”:, Eristavi said.

Business processes are developed slowly in Georgia, however, our hotel makes advancements anyway. In the future, the hotel will fully employ the territory and grow into a complex, he said.

“Everything proceeds slowly in Georgia, however, we are making advancements and expansion anyway. Business is developed stably and we work at full capacity. We host many guests from Russia, Ukraine and Israel.

In the course of time, we plan to employ the whole territory nearby and arrange two cafe-bars, skating ground and a place for Gudauri visitors”, Irakli Eristavi said.

Hotel of wooden containers with 11 suites opened in Gudauri on 600 square meters on February 15, 2017. The project value will be about 1.7 million GEL. Currently, 20 containers have been placed on 600 square meters.

Price of two-suite room in Quadrum starts from 90 USD. Containers are manufactured in Kutaisi. The company plans to place a complex of wooden containers in Ajara too.