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Government to Fund Honey Processing Plant Construction in Gori

A honey processing plant will be built in Gori with the financial support of Government. The plant will manufacture homogeneous honey and export product to foreign markets.

“We will try to maximally apply exports potential”, Levan Davitashvili said at the first meeting of Honey Consultants’ Committee, which was held by the initiative of the Caucasus Alliances Program.

At the meeting the Minister noted that Georgia is able to manufacture top quality honey thanks to its diverse nature.

“Beekeeping sector development is based on complex aspects and is related to a lot of issues. To this end, we need to create a communication platform and shape Board of Honey with the involvement of the Ministry, private and state organizations. The board will make focus on important issues. Mobile board and regular meetings will enable us to make progress and will be efficient in decision-making process”, Levan Davitashvili said.

To penetrate international markets, the Board of Honey will act as in influential association for shaping a joint plan of private and public sectors.

At the meeting Levan Davitashvili noted that the Government continues active job in terms of support of beekeeping cooperatives.