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Government Liberalizes Tax Code for Businesses

Business sector expects liberalization of tax from the government and effective steps, including tax liberalization.

Businessmen have declared about the expectations at the meeting held on Monday with an initiative of the Premier.

Fadi Asli, President of the International Chamber of Commerce noted, that optimism had been ignited for the first time through the last 3 years, which was related to the  possible changes caused by Kvirikashvili’s becoming as the Prime Minister. He hoped to hold productive meeting.

The submission issues also include restoration of Police Eviction, which violates fundamental rights of ownership.

Zurab Gvasalia, president of Georgian Banking Association noted, that banking sector has many protecting mechanisms towards it, but reputational risk still remains until the true or guilty should be elucidated. The insolent statements made towards the finical sector damages business environment.

It should be noted, that banks rarely use this measure. He named TBC Bank as one of the examples, where facts on evocation have not been fixed through the last 5 years.

Businessmen, who have come to Kvirikashvili, expect compromises from the Premier and regards, that it is more clear for the manger, who has worked as a manager in the bank.