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Government Announces 71mln GEL Tender for Building Business House

State tender has been announced fore constructing a business house in Ortachala, Tbilisi. LLC State Procurement Bureau carries out the state procurement procedure.

The starting price is 71.621mln GEL. The tender was announced on November 24. Tender proposals will be received starting December 14 and the reception process will end on December 19. 
According to the documents, the project building consists of 5 main and 1 auxiliary floors.

The building will embrace several functional spaces:

  • Service Hall: visitors’ service space.
  • Commercial space: commercial spaces for retnal, cash-desk, printing and scanning room.

Multifunctional space: it consists of 2 halls on the first floor, with the perspective of merger and one big hall on the second floor.

Conference space: conference rooms, lobby, wardrobe, rest space and technical service rooms.

Cafe on the first floor, restaurant and canteen for the staff on the second floor. Two elevators serve the canteen.

Auxiliary functions: the staff reception, lockers, fitness center, children space for waiting, medical centers, security staff room.

Technical service space: server room, archival depository, spaces for mechanical parts and electric devices, their management offices, storehouses.

The building will be energy-efficient with solar panels and water heating systems, rain water collectors. The roof is greened and this fact grows energy efficiency.

The complex will also have electric car parking zones.

The business House project was announced in 2016 as a new model between the Authorities and the business sector. The project calls for accumulation of various state services into one space within a single electronic platform for business sector and legal bodies.