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Google to Develop Georgian Farmers’ Innovative Application

Georgian farmers will soon have a new instrument, that will help them to sell their production at a profitable price.

The company “Google” developers with the collaboration of Georgian farmers’s platform “Tractor”, have developed a tool of market prices, that will allow the farmers to check out their prices set on the products in local markets.

As a result, this will help them to sell their goods in such place and period, when the price is the highest.

In June 6 and 7, in the United States, Google developers have gathered for the purpose of new instrument creation. Thus, the mentioned tool will be available at the end of the year 2016, on www.Traktor.co.

“We are pleased to be participants of this unique experience. In addition, representing the first company  in Georgia, that develops the product with the cooperation of Google developers” says Ione Katsuki, the Deputy of the company “Tractor”.

In addition to providing information about market prices, the farmers in Georgia will be also offered free training videos, agro-consultations, crop calendar and the weather forecast.

The mentioned start-up has already gained both, an international and local attentions. In addition, besides the cooperation with “Google”, “Tractor” got the third place in the Seedstars Tbilisi competition.