Goodwill stakeholders businessman Gogi Shevardnadze and Milano Investments Italian company have spread a special statement. CBW publishes the statement without changes:

Today we are able to manifestly announce Goodwill, Georgia’s first network of hypermarkets, has withstood all problems, valuably met all challenges and found the most optimal way our from the crisis.

We, the founders of Goodwill, businessman Gogi Shevardnadze and representatives of Italian company Milano Investments, stress main difficulties have been overcome and we have set a new and irreversible process for the company development.

Our society remembers Goodwill’s fate was questionable for over a year. We will not explain the details, because it is not worth to recall pressure and unjust sanctions imposed on our business in the past, including on our business. Our society remembers these facts in details anyway… We have faced many difficulties. Many problems arose, but the company management, suppliers, customers and employers have crossed the narrow bridge. We have passed tensed and emotional trial over moving to a rehabilitation regime and appointing a rehabilitation manager. The trials have evidently demonstrated the current court system makes the business sector feel calmer than before.

Today we feel the justice reigns. We feel the business sector is developed in correct and modern way in our country, where partnership relations are healthy and relations with the government are regulated by the legislation. We believe this way has no alternative in Georgia.

We would like to address to our society and express our gratitude to everyone who has backed Goodwill in the heavy situation and showed support by word and affairs.

We would like to express special gratitude to our customers and our personnel for devotion, to our business partners and suppliers for their trust, to our creditors for partnership approach; We would like to stress the merit of TBC Bank, an only secured creditor. Business relations are regulated by strict rules and therefore, our relations was quite complicated, but these difficulties have not went out of ethical norms and these relations were always academic and full of partnership respect.

In this whole process the merit of Nodia, Urumashvili & Partners legal company is huge. Having selected this company for partnership, Goodwill has made an only correct choice available in this situation and this company has led all of us to full and successful resolution of all disputable issues of this complicated business case. They have also played a decisive role in drawing European standard investor to Goodwill. We believe the job Nodia, Urumashvili & Partners has provided will be thought and analyzed in future practical business handbooks as a remarkable example of making deals. We praise their professionalism and devotion.

What about the tomorrow? – We, the Goodwill founders, assure joint efforts will ensure irreversible process for the fast development and thousands of people related to Goodwill (we mean consumers, suppliers and their staffs with families, indeed, our employees) will have a strong feeling of stability and we are full of hope for a better future. In new realities we will develop twice faster and offer more pleasant innovations to the Georgian consumer market.

Goodwill Founders

Gogi Shevardnadze

In the name of Milano Investments

Alessandro Azai