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Global Group Acting Locally –Ferrero For Georgia

The Ferrero Group presented its 7th Corporate Social Responsibility report (CSR), with a Special Focus on projects in Georgia.

The report was introduced by Ambassador Francesco Paolo Fulci, Vice President of the Ferrero Group and Aldo Uva, Chief Operating Officer Strategic Business Units Ferrero International Caucasus Business Week had a brief interview with Aldo Uva.

Could you tell us briefly what CSR projects, Ferrero Group have implemented in Georgia?

The Ferrero Group is present in Georgia since 10 years with its agricultural company named Agri Georgia, one of the most important actors in the local hazelnut business.

Agri Georgia’s long-term vision is reflected in several sustainable development activities, specifically tailored for the local requests and needs of the sector. Among these activities we can mention: Ferrero’s investments in green economy through the project called Afforestation with Hazelnut Plantations in Western Georgia; a dedicated training program in collaboration with USAID which involved 3000 farmers; the assistance to local schools, orphanages and churches; the contribution to the Georgian Hazelnut Growers Association foundation; the stimulation of the private sector investments in critical hazelnut post-harvest infrastructure through the Grant Program for Husking, Drying, and Storage; the promotion of modern production though the Turnkey Solution Program.

Why are exactly this CSR activities implemented? Is it based on global CSR policy or local needs?

As indicated by our CEO, Giovanni Ferrero, “Being a Global Group does not prevent us from acting locally, thus we maintain our strong bond with the people and territory in which we operate”. We define the local CSR activities depending on local context and specific needs but we guarantee that each activity is in line with the Group CSR strategy and reflects the Group values.

In past years CSR has become inevitable part of company’s activity schedule, how do you asses the importance of CSR in your company?

For the Ferrero Group, implementing social responsibility in its daily activities is a characteristic written in its own DNA. This is emblematically demonstrated by the far-reaching words expressed by Michele Ferrero already in 1957: “I personally pledge to dedicate everything I do and all my intentions to our company, assuring you that I will only feel satisfied once I am able to ensure you and your children a safe and peaceful future”.

The best assessment is the one we conduct every year in order to write the corporate social responsibility report. In fact, the CSR Report not only contains the CSR strategy and goals for the future, but it mainly reflects the concrete social and environmental activities carried out around the world in the previous fiscal year.