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Glekhuri: New Georgian Fast Food Establishment for those who Value their Time and Taste

You’ll probably agree that we constantly lack time and comfort of settling down in a comfortable environment, ordering delicious food, waiting for several minutes, enjoying good music – however this doesn’t exclude eating healthy and tasty food at least during the lunch break.

Original Group that has been in business since 2004 and opened a restaurant chain “Chemo Kargo” in each district of Tbilisi, didn’t forget people who are permanently short of time but want to restore their powers, have nutritious and remarkable food, and without having to wait long too.

That is why Original Group created a new Georgian fast food establishment “Glekhuri” located at 108 Tsotne Dadiani Street.

This place stands out for delicious dishes made with natural products, low prices, and high quality.

Until now you’ve probably never heard the name of a “Georgian burger”. This is exactly what we can call the Georgian dish “glekhuri” with chicken, pork, mixed meat, kebab, and lobio that has a very special taste. All food here is cooked with local products from various Georgian villages and high mountain regions. But the main secret is still the chef who takes daily care of the consumers’ taste and marinates the meat according to a special method.

The selection in “Glekhuri” is considerable, here you can also try layered and semi-layered baked goods, other pastry products, all prepared with natural products.

There is a large choice of drinks in “Glekhuri” as well, though in this case beer enthusiasts are in for a special surprise. Original Group starts brewing its own craft beer. There will be a total of 4 craft sorts, out of which three will only be available in “Chemo Kargo” chain, while the fourth one will become a part and pride of the “Glekhuri” menu.

If you can’t visit the place, take our advice and use the delivery service. Beer will be delivered in a special vessel to preserve its taste and temperature. Delivery service works not only for beer, but for any dish. You just need to visit the website www.chemokargo.ge, choose a dish to your liking, and in several minutes it will be at your place!

Interests and trust of customers is always important to Original Group, and you can feel it in their new establishment as well. Produce in “Glekhuri” is always prepared early in the morning, while from 6:00 pm on there is a 30% discount on ready dishes.

So, save your money, time, and energy – visit “Glekhuri”, discover the flavour of “Georgian burger” and specialty beer. Trust us, the service and taste at this place will turn this fast food establishment in your favourite one very soon.