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Givi To Me: Small Khinkali Bar Opens in Ukraine

Givi To Me is a new restaurant of Aleks Cooper, which combines Georgian traditional cuisine and contemporary Georgian atmosphere. Givi To Me is located in Ukrainian seaside city and is a fourth project of “Cooper People“.

Marketer.ge writes in their article; “Small but proud Khinkali bar Givi To Me is created on behalf of Georgian characteristics: With the hospitality and love of delicious food. As a Georgian tradition deserves, here people think that guest is a person of god and they always try to serve with the best dishes.


Khinkali is a main dish in the restaurant. “As we know, cooking this traditional and at the first glance simple dish requires special skills, to finally get juicy meat and ideal proportioned dough. That is why chef Gia Marianashvili is personally involved in making process. Kitchen is open for every guest, but one main rule here is to eat the dish with your hands. Besides Khinkali other Georgian dishes such as Khachapuri, Lobio, Satsivi, Mkhali, Kharcho and of course Wine are available.


From Drinks, guest can order GIVI lemonade or home made wine GIVINO VINO. For beer lovers white (Mountine milk) and black (Mountine tea) is also available.

There are two halls in the restaurant: On the first floor there are tables for big group of people and on the second floor there are smaller tables and two rockers. The whole restaurant accommodates 100 guests.

The interior of the restaurant is carefully selected with a taste: Furniture is handmade, vessel is collected from five countries, Ketsis are made by Ukrainian potters. In every corner of restaurant you will see unique design details: Tea-pots instead of flower pots. Every dish has its illustrated caption.