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Gino Wellness Group to Open Hotel in Mtskheta

Gino Wellness Group to Open Hotel in Mtskheta

Wellness-hotel that will have over 22 rooms, will be opened in Mtskheta, at the end of April. The construction process of the Hotel building is implemented by Gino Wellness Group.

მცხეთაში სასტუმრო "ჯინო ველნეს მცხეთა" იხსნება

According to the company representative, Ramaz Mikadze announced to “businessconatct“, that the project also takes into account the construction plan of Sport center, spa and Wellnesss center that will be implemented in Bakuriani region.

Currently, Gino Wellness Group is holding a multi-functional recreational complex “Gino Paradise” located in the Tbilisi sea territory. As Mikadze made a statement, on the mentioned territory it is planned hotel and apart-hotel arrangements.

Gino Wellness Group belongs to Nodar Giorgadze, who is a Georgian businessman working in Slovakia. Additionally, the company plans to build ecological city in Tbilisi Sea area. “Eco-Green City” project, is a city built off the principles of living within the means of the environment. 

The ultimate goal of this project is to eliminate all carbon waste to produce energy entirely through renewable resources, and to incorporate the environment into the city; In general,  Eco-cities also have the intentions of stimulating economic growth, reducing poverty, organizing cities to have higher population densities, and therefore higher efficiency, and improving health.

Gino Wellness Group will invest a billion dollars within the framework of the project.