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Giga Tatulishvili: This is One Field Where Technology Cannot Be Crucial

Interview with AKA LTD | Mercedes-Benz Georgia’s General representative of Daimler AG in Georgia Head of the Marketing Department Giga Tatulishvili.

Why did you decide to enter this field, and what kind of opportunities does this profession give you?

I am an economist by profession, but the field I’ve been working in for 12 years is linked to marketing. The truth is that I have had a particular interest in marketing since university. As for career growth, this is the area that offers the greatest chance, since success depends entirely on knowledge and use of it creatively. I also must clarify that PR is just part of my work, and that’s why I’m going to have to share with you my experience mainly in marketing.

What is necessary for holding successful communication with the public?

It’s important to learn what society, the customer and the target group in general needs, and you need to respond appropriately. How to achieve this depends only on the performer, which marketing allows. This is both the beginning and the end of successful communication.

What three tips would you offer someone just starting out in PR?

  1. In the absence of an informal deficit, perfectly study the field that is called marketing and PR;
  2. Prior to taking a specific step, have the best possible information about the task;
  3. Finally, in this field it is required to make a final decision, except for a well-executed assignment, which must be attached to the element of individuality.

My advice looks too traditional, but I think it is oriented to a particular outcome.

What do you wish you knew before you started your career in PR?

In the field of marketing and PR, it is of great importance to study existing experiences, whether it be by observation, study and analysis of different market situations, or different areas and events. I personally had to actively seek foreign experience.

Describe a typical work week.

Every week is similar: the working time, schedule and job type are constantly changing based the specifics of the company. It is interesting also, and quite a bit of work, as people constantly expect novelties from us. 

How do you go about finding relevant contacts and sources?

Marketing offers approved tricks and methods in this direction, but as for my experience, I consider the personal factor the most important.

How do you prioritize and start your work day?

Due to the specificity of the work, our company is the general representative of Daimler in Georgia, so my working day begins with the study of news provided by our German partners, then current issues are sorted by priority and I start working to get things done. Of course there are exceptional work days, too.

What are the skills a Public Relations Specialist needs?

It’s hard to say about a PR manager, but the primary skill for a marketer is to think differently and have a creative attitude; be confident in his decisions and be able to predict final results.

What trait do you value the most in your co-workers?

In any profession or position, for me it’s crucial for there to be sincerity, a pleasant work environment that’s created by a professional staff, their responsibility and their attitude towards work.

What is the best PR practice technology can’t change?

I think this is one field where technology cannot be a determinant, no matter how progressive it is. As we often don’t create a tangible product, our product is a beneficial relationship with people, and the best practice here is to take into consideration experiences, yours as well as others’.

What are some growing trends in the public relations industry?

I’m not sure how innovative it is, but it is becoming more important to forget about the “this is for an entire society” approach and to replace it with an individual approach that is related to each member of society. Our activities will be more effective when we think of customers individually and hold direct communication with them, called Direct Marketing.

Although this interview was more about marketing, it absolutely doesn’t diminish the importance and reality of PR, as these two professions are integral parts of each other. Successful marketing is a prerequisite for successful PR activities.