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Getting Started with Selling on Amazon – New Opportunities for Georgian Producers

Amazon Export Hub will assist interested parties to sell their products at Amazon. The company launched operation in Georgia 3 months ago and it offers theoretical and practical trainings.

Tell us about your company. Which field do you operate in, how did the idea arise and who is the creator?

Our company, Amazon Exports Hub, was founded recently. We launched operation about 3-4 months ago. We cooperate with Amazon, not with the order platform, but with the placement and sales platform that enables us to place virtual or real orders and earn additional incomes.

This is a very popular direction in neighboring countries and a lot of individuals are engaged in these activities, so we have decided to involve Georgia in this program and enable Georgian startup entrepreneurs to introduce their products to world consumer markets.

The inspiration came from a successful experience abroad. The creator of the idea is Levan Molashvili, the co-founder of our Hub.

What services do you offer and in what stages of the placement process are you involved?

Amazon Export Hub offers training courses, where interested parties are able to receive information about all stages, including a search of products and technical details about placing their products onto the Amazon platform and in warehouses. The stages for each product are specialized.

 What sort of startups and manufacturers are able to apply, and what requirements should they satisfy to place products on Amazon?

Since Amazon was named the best Startup Place in 2016 worldwide, startups are able to make efforts in almost all directions on Amazon. Both physical and digital products are welcome.

There are no special requirements, however, there are certain restrictions on perishable products (food and drinks). It is also illegal to sell alcoholic drinks on American Amazon. 

What results have you achieved during these three months and what interest do Georgian manufacturers and foreign buyers show in your service?

We have trained about 50 people in several months, who started placing products made in China under Georgian or foreign brands. We think it will take several months to submit real financial indicators to interested parties based on the trade results from our clients. 

How long does shipping take from Georgia?

Since we are talking about Amazon FBA, a US consumer does not receive a product directly from Georgia. Georgian products are sent to US warehouses. After making an order, they receive parcels from the US-based warehouses.

 Tell us about your plans and how many companies will place their products on Amazon this year?

There are a number of operators which work jointly with the Amazon platform. We want to make these options popular in Georgia, and make Amazon a real platform for Georgian producers, where they can place their products and earn money.