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German Pozankov about Solutions to Complex and Complicated Cyber Threats

Trend Micro Incorporated  hosted Information event dedicated to security trends and the problems regarding to information safety and critical infrastructure. 

We had an interview with German Pozankov (Regional Director Trend Micro in CIS, Georgia, Mongolia) one of the speakers of the event.

What are the trendiest innovations to avoid cyber-attacks or to fight them?

You know its complex question which has complex solutions, there are number of different things that people, companies or organizations have to do in order to avoid those targeted attacks. Some of this tools or techniques in using the send boxing technology are to simulate the malicious code execution in the safe environment and evaluate if it is malicious or not. This is the most modern and cutting edge technology to detect and block most complicated cyber-attacks.

Can you tell us what does “trust leaders” mean, why do we need to trust them?

I think its a matter of time, so that, in order to trust someone you need to evaluate this wonderful examples of number of years, to see how it performs, how it supports its clients and so on. I believe that Trend Micro is a vendor to inform partners, clients can trust. We’ve been proving it during 20 years.

How do you think hacked companies prioritize innovations over cybersecurity or not?

Good question, Thank you. Number of accidents has happened especially during last several months, most traded that showed to the community, that the innovations without proper security tools or counter majors in very dangerous environment, I mean for examples several attacks to the block chains startups lost hundreds of millions of dollars because of cyber-attacks, because of lack of attention to the cyber security. So I think that innovations and cyber security should go ahead and ahead.

In your own experience, which cyber security innovations are most effective?

There is no single solution or technology in cyber security, there are always number of different tools, various activities, it’s a matter of aware training for cyber security awareness and so on. We have new technologies that we implement in our own products like machine learning, sending box technologies but none of this techniques can provide a hundred persons security seperately, only combination of them is capable of that.

How do you see, cybercrime situation after 5-10 years after? What is your prediction?

We are living in the era where we can not predict what will happen in two years, in three years, in future; we only know whatever happens we will be there providing the solutions to secure our clients from threats. We now have some ideas but we don’t know exactly what will happen. Now we see Information Technology era is rising so we are working on solutions that will secure our customers and this new world will be fulfilled by smart devices.

Please, tell us the main challenges facing in the field of cyber defense in socio-political and technological spheres.

We see that cyber threats penetrates to social media, social networks and it becomes complex. It’s not only the pure technical attacks, it’s kind of complex activity which involves media, social and technical spearfishing. I think that’s the main challenge for modern world, how to treat this complex and complicated cyber threats.