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Winner of Tbilisi Bus Tender is Known

German Buses will Appear in Georgia: Replacing Yellow Buses

Buses of company MAN will serve to Tbilisi from autumn.

As an entity engaged in the tender has announced to GBC, German company has been selected as a tender winner company. The tender is carried by European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD).

EBRD does not specifies the winner, they declare that the process is at the final stage and agreement should be signed.

INVECO and Solaris were competitors of MAN on the second stage.

CNG powered MAN busses are in line of European standards and they are completely fitted to the needs of disabled persons.

Vehicles and busses of German company MAN are very popular around the whole world. The company is the leader of the mentioned sphere.

European Bank has allocated a loan of 27 million EUR to Tbilisi Municipality for acquisition of buses, while the additional grant of 7 million has been allocated by fund E5P, under the management of EBRD.

It should be noted, that initially 7 companies have submitted proposals in the tender, whereas 3 have been chosen on the second stage. Deputy Mayor of Tbilisi has declared that estimations are finished and they will be submitted to European Bank.

“We expect approval from the bank in order to publish the results”, – Lekvinadze notes and adds, that purchasing procedures are carried by full rules of EBRD.