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GEP's Bar Tbilisi

GEP’s- Tbilisi’s New Bar Spot Owned by a Young Couple

The bar was founded by Giorgi Gelashvili and Sophi Khojava, spouses, who have been long providing fastest tuning of motorcars.

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Motorcar boxes are their hobby, another office or house, where they gather jointly with a wide circle of friends every evening. They tune vehicles and attain results that are distinguished worldwide! It should be also noted Sophi Khojava is an only professional drifter girl in the South Caucasus, who has recorded the fastest starting speed of 165 km/hours.

This family and their friends adore iron stallions. As a result, they decided to open an asset (later, a bar) in front of the car boxes on the Giorgi Mindeli Bridge that would embrace the service (DYNO), entertainment and yummy menu. The asset was planned as an interesting place for potential clients and a house for friends.

In the evening, when the sport car service (DYNO) starts, the monitor installed in the bar enables the clients to watch the modification of vehicles without leaving the asset and this is an wonderful show and feeling that is worth to watch.

When was you the restaurant unveiled?

-Our restaurant opened in spring 2015. Founder Sophi Khojava set up the asset tanks to tireless efforts and assistance of friends. Initially, the asset was designed to host only friends, but today the asset serves all visitors and guests. Therefore, the bar meets you with friendly and family environment.

GEP’s Burger bar

Do the Georgian customers like the restaurant’s environment?

– European and American dishes predominate in our menu. Therefore, we try to essentially adapt our menu to the Georgian appearance and soul. For example, last period the Shins menu was the most popular dish, but we did not prepare this one and we added a menu of Ribs and it has become very popular.

Which dish is the most popular at your restaurant?

-GEP’S Burger, pig/cow stake and mozzarella sticks are our most popular dishes. The menu is permanently renewed and we offer many innovations to our clients.

How active job do you perform in social networks and how much interest does the society show in your restaurant services?

-Our Facebook page is https://www.facebook.com/BarGeps. I would say the society shows much interest and we often host guests, who receive information about our bar from the Facebook page.

Your restaurant is reported to be carrying out various social campaigns such as “No, We don’t Have Wi-fi, Talk to Each Other!” What is the purpose of this campaign and how this campaign has justified in terms of marketing?

– I think this campaign has justified, because new technologies dominate in the contemporary world and virtual relationships predominate in our everyday life and less time is left for real relationships. Therefore, we have decided to introduce new rules and ban the WiFi access at our bar to make relations more real, healthy and vivid. As to the internet access, in general, we provide limited internet access too, if necessary.

How would you briefly describe your visions, mission and values…

– The bar was arranged for those, who idolize motorcars, but we strive to avoid segmentation frameworks.

Why should the consumer prefer your services?

– In order to have delicious dishes, take a rest and get entertained. We provide individual services to each guest to create maximum comfort in a short period, because the time is the most expansive thing.

For more information please click here, or visit bar Tbilisi George Mindeli Bridge.