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Gepra’s New Service – Customer Journey Map for Companies

PR and Marketing communications agency Gepra introduces new service to the market-  Customer Journey Map (CJM) – visualization of the company and user relationship.

CJM reflects the steps that the customer passes before receiving the service, in the process of it and after the service. This is an instrument for companies to better observe their customers’ needs, what causes their satisfaction, and what causes the discontent. Tako Varamashvili, Customer Relationship Consultant, spoke about the need to introduce similar service and the solutions to specific problem

Why did you decide to introduce CJM service to Georgian market?

Creating a map helps the company to evaluate and eliminate the barriers that the organization has in contact with the customer. A lot of companies are using Customer Journey Map, while it’s still innovative for the Georgian market. “Gepra” is the first organization to launch this service. Creation of CJM is not a one-time job. It requires a complex approach, as it is necessary to constantly review and update all phases of the relationship between the company and its customers. This service was implemented by analytical and research services, based on the depth analysis of market demand.

Why should companies use this methodology and what different possibilities and advantages does the service provide to your clients?

Customer Journey Map allows our clients to explore, evaluate and analyze the needs, behavior and attitude of their customers. As a result of research, information can be developed either by customer-oriented new products and services, or by improving existing ones and offering a different way to enable the organization to optimize marketing expenditures and target marketing campaigns. Often, organizations complain about the outflow of customers. They use their services simultaneously and then for various reasons refuse to cooperate with them. One of the strengths of the CJM is that it identifies problems and defects, and generates new ideas.

How is Customer Journey Map being created and what information should one have for creating it?

First of all, you should be aware what business model the company uses, what is the structure of the organization. After that, it comes analysis of procurement, post-sale processes and services, or product acquisition stages. The next step is to set up types of users and so-called using personification methodology, dedicated to the establishment of clients’ personalities. Users are based on their behaviors, attitudes, and touch points with the company, are grouped into several groups and are represented by their personalities, which will help companies better understand their customers. The final stage of creation of CJM is visual imagination of users’ journey map. The design of the map will be distinguished by the diversity of points of contact with the business model and customers of the company. CJR is a unique service for companies that offer equal opportunities for both B2B and B2C segment. The user’s mobility map will optimize databases and gain comprehensive information on the customer that will help clients to develop client-oriented, accurate and purposeful proposals and to improve existing and potential services.