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GEPRA Moves to Innovation Business Model

GEPRA, PR and marketing communication company, has been operating on Georgian communication market for 15 years.

The organization held the 2017 strategic meeting on July 2 and agreed a new operational method – business model.

The company has moved to  a new stage and outlined new challenges for further development. According to the company information, the new model enables customer organizations to enjoy a wider range of services. Moreover, at the meeting two new senior consultants were named.

In her interview with the Marketer, GEPRA CEO Eka Zhvania unveiled reasons for moving to a new business model, appraised the 2016 performance results and divulged future plans.

The meeting was very useful. We had performed huge job for a long period to meet this day prepared.   Preliminary preparatory works started about 2 months ago. We are studying models, think of future plans. We have selected 55 ones from business models. We have analyzed them at the meeting and agreed on one hybrid and very interesting model. This is the result of yesterday’s meeting – useful and efficient teamwork. The past year was very successful and interesting. We established partnership with Ketchum Maslov communication agency – one of the major and diversified international PR agencies.

The next year will bring many new things. The new business model is to ensure further growth and development of our company to attain bigger plans.  Therefore, we believe that changes are necessary to make our company stronger. Based on the past year’s experience and analysis, we have prepared a new development plan. We continue working on the chosen business model. We will refine and polish the plan for one more month and GEPRA will continue working on the ground of this operational method.

Meanwhile, two new senior consultants were introduced to our team – Ketevan Galumashvili and Tinatin Samkurashvili. This promotion is the result of huge job they have performed for our company”, GEPRA Director Eka Zhvania noted.

How experienced the promoted consultants are, which projects they have implemented and what duties they will fulfill at GEPRA – We have posed these questions to GEPRA senior consultants Ketevan Galumashvili and Tinatin Samkurashvili.

M: – How would you describe your working experience at GEPRA? 

Tinatin: – I have been working for GEPRA since January 2009. I was 20 years old when I came here, in September 2008. I passed the course of integrated marketing communications at PR school, a joint project of GEPRA and Georgian-American University (GAU). GEPRA hired me, as a successful student, for a probation period. Thus, I have been working here for 9 years. In September 2009 I became PR school manager and I guide this direction even today.

Ketevan: I have been working for GEPRA as PR consultant for 10 years. This experience have outlined my strong features and potential. Besides GEPRA, I have been a mentor for GAU PR school projects. I have been working with students on various presentation topics, including development of communication strategy and project offers.

And recently, about a month ago, I became a manager for Startcom, GEPRA competence center. This is a new project of GEPRA – space, a certain platform, where private and public sectors, nongovernment organizations or media agencies acquire the opportunity to plan and hold discussions of any format on relevant issues.

We plan to hold wide discussions over relevant issues such as public-private partnership (PPP) and public finance initiative (PFI).

M:- At the 2017 strategic meeting you summed up the last year’s performance and drafted future plans. Would you name successful projects you have participated in last year?

Tinatin: – I would name International Folklore Festival that was held for the first time in 2016. Four countries have taken part in that event. We have worked on the festival branding and communication campaign. As a result, about 9000 spectators attended the concert at Black Sea Arena.

Moreover, Wings for Life World Run is one of my favorite projects, which was held for the fourth time in 2017. Over the past years GEPRA has been the event partner. I would also name a development of communication strategy and action plan for Public Defender. This process has given me  quite important experience and played a certain role in my career promotion.


Through the past year I have worked on project by order of Caucasus branch of WWF – Forest Week. This is my authorial project. I have worked on ideas, slogans and content and implementation issues.

From Forest campaign I would name a social virus campaign. We arranged yttriums at Tbilisi Mall with inscription -” Air on Sale” ad we placed branded bottles with various inscriptions: “Mountain Air, Sea Air and Forest Air.

Main message of the campaign was: Care for Forest, Breathe Free! We sold packed air and supervised reaction of citizens. Many of them showed readiness to buy clean air. This campaign has helped many citizens start thinking of threats from damaging environment and forest.

I have also worked on Microsoft project – Cloud in the Clouds that covered fourth technological revolution issues. Streaming was carried out from the highest place of the capital city, Tbilisi Television Tower. Experts and IT specialists took part in the discussion. Social network users were able to ask questions in live air and learn more about cloudy technologies.

M: At the strategic meeting you learned that you had been promoted to the position of a senior consultant. What duties does this position imply in GEPRA?

-Tinatin: You should pass  a long way to become a senior consultant and GEPRA staff steps on this way in everyday job. This status signifies that the company shows trust to you and believes that you are ready to plan, implement and manage project of any size and complication, because you have gained due experience. As to duties,  besides you remain projects manager, your functional role in the company grows. You participate in taking all important decisions to promote the company development. It is huge responsibility to represent GEPRA as a senior consultant.

Ketevan: – This was unexpected decision and a certain surprise. Senior Consultant for GEPRA. This is higher responsibility  and this is an absolutely other dimension. I have been supervising and learning from them, who are senior consultants, for many years. And I know what quality and competences are are required.

I know what to make focus on. These issues may seem difficult, on the one hand; however, this is a worthy job, on the other hand. New position at GEPRA is a source for planing further work, new energy and motivation.